Mini series 1 – John Polley – 10 Lecture Pack (NZ REPS 6.5 CPDs)


A bumper pack of the 10 popular “Mini Series 1” lectures, including:

  • Fun and why you should take it seriously
  • Playmobility
  • Enjoyment Guaranteed
  • Inner Space
  • Off the Floor Core
  • Recovery isn’t Just Sleep
  • The 6 Human Needs and where You Fit in as Coach
  • Contactile vs. Tensile Tissues
  • (E)motional
  • Biotensegrity and the Myofascial Lines





What Will I Learn?

  • Moyfascia & biotensegrity
  • Assessment & Programming
  • Coaching
  • Play & Recovery

Topics for this course

21 Lessons10h

Fun and why you should take it seriously?

John Polley covers various pieces of research which all contribute to a compelling argument as to why you should take fun seriously. He then integrates the philosophy into a movement session design to help you create enjoyable and effective sessions for individuals.
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Quiz – Fun and why you should take it seriously


John Polley is renowned for his teaching of fascial mobility techniques and his passion for the power of play.  In this fitness education seminar he brings these two together to show you how to individualize sessions based on a client "audit" before every session, and use the combination of these powerful techniques and novel playmobility examples in a movement system that gets the best outcome for each customer each session.

Enjoyment Guaranteed?

How do you make sure your sessions are enjoyable and the individual exercises are too? Generating positive affective responses from exercise and social relationships through recreational movement. BONUS exercise videos guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces

Inner space?

John Polley explores the multi-dimensional facets of the human being not just in terms of movement but also relating to emotional, mental, spiritual, social and physical planes.

Off the floor core?

Lightning tour of a core-training concept; some information; some applications; some new ideas; when to use them; how to use them; who to use them with; some fun :) This lecture does not include core anatomy or an entire philosophy on core training

Recovery isn’t just sleep?

John Polley provides an overview of the effects of sleep disruption, alternative recovery strategies, and programming recovery into your clients' lives and sessions.

The 6 Human Needs and How you fit in as Coach?

Learn how the 6 Human Needs apply to you and how you can build this into your practice with your clients in every session.

Contractile vs. Tensile Tissues?

Gain an understanding of contractile and tensile tissues, and applications for different client profiles and goals in this one hour recorded video lecture


Get JP's take on how mental, emotional and physical systems are intertwined - and knowing this, how this can help you deliver sessions with your clients. A thought provoking seminar on the interplay of motion and feelings and how they influence one with the other.

Biotensegrity and the myofascial lines?

Join John Polley ("JP") to explore the system that connects everything. Gain an overview of biotensegrity and the myofascial lines, and how to apply this in everyday movement in this 1 hour video recording of a live online presentation. This course is a recording of a ZOOM live/virtual education session.

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I did learn some new things from this course. Favourite part was the recovery is more than sleep and core.


Material Includes

  • Slide handouts
  • Access to exercise videos
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • 6.5 NZ REPS CPDs (for NZREPS registered trainers)
  • 10 High Fives

Target Audience

  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Movement Coaches