Restore from your Core (NZ REPS 0.5 CPDs)


To date, core training in our industry has centred on the musculoskeletal system.  But as we evolve, and we lean into and accept the idea that the best health and wellbeing practices must include things beyond fitness and exercise, we can begin to appreciate new levels at which we can help our clients achieve their health and fitness dreams, and live their best life.

Join Corinne Austin, the 2017 Exercise NZ Personal Trainer of the year, and a leader in the Functional Health space, as she introduces you to a whole new world of ‘core training’.  When we expose our awareness to the truest and most expansive view of the ‘core’, we can begin to understand that it extends well beyond just the muscles housed within the core, but also to the many things at the essence of our greatest representation of our wellbeing.

What significance does our bellybutton have to our health?  Why is it so important to breathe properly?  And what is ‘proper’ breathing?  What is the Vagus Nerve and how does this relate to our wellbeing and our clients goal chasing?  Why is it important for your client to feel safe (and not stressed) before you train?  Did you know that certain abdominal/visceral mobilisation techniques could be one of the golden tickets to your clients ongoing health?  We explore these cutting-edge concepts and a whole lot more as we delve deeper into the core than ever before!

This session covers:

– Nervous System
– Fight/Flight vs Heal/Repair
– Vagus Nerve
– What is Restoration?
– Breathing 101
– Breathing Strategies
– Self and Client-centric Myofascial Visceral Release Strategies
– Myofascial Mobility



What Will I Learn?

  • Participants will have their minds opened to a whole new perspective of ‘core training’
  • 2) Participants will gain a more comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a ‘health and fitness’ professional with emphasis on the health aspect in particular, and how this is something that can and will boost our clients progress
  • 3) A basic introduction to the Human Nervous System will be given, and how this relates to promoting restoration and health
  • 4) Participants will learn about the power of the Vagus Nerve and simple actions they can do to stimulate its power
  • 5) The greatness and power of Diaphragmatic Breathing will be touched upon, and examples of effective diaphragmatic breathing protocols
  • 6) Participants will learn some simple visceral-core strategies that they can use on themselves straight away and/or integrate into their practice with their clients
  • 7) Myofascial Mobility will be touched upon in a way to demonstrate how this type of practice can enhance our manual visceral-core strategies

Topics for this course

1 Lessons1h

Restore from your Core

Video recording1:00:00
Restore from your core – Quiz

Material Includes

  • Course notes
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • EAT Fitness High Five Rewards (1)
  • NZ REPS CPDs (0.5)

Target Audience

  • Personal trainers
  • Movement coaches