Inaugural Feet, Fascia and Food for Thought Summit

As gyms and fitness centres around the world are in various stages of shutdown due to Covid-19, there are many uncertainties as to what the future holds.

A glimmer of hope from the anecdotal trend from New Zealand gyms, which are now “fully operational”, is that members are back and in fact memberships have grown.

While this state of “normality” will take months, if not more, for other countries to achieve, the big takeaway is that people are more focussed on achieving or maintaining a healthier lifestyles. Euromonitor (July, 2020) predicts a huge resurgence in the wellness movement. Fitness and wellness solutions will help people cope with anxieties, lack of certainties and self-care will provide some level of inidvidual control. They predict a higher consideration of solutions for chronic conditions, and that consumers will seek solutions with authenticity and efficacy, backed up by expertise.

To this end EAT Fitness’ online education platform is helping connect fitness professionals with world-class educators – allowing fitness professionals to position themselves for the future of the industry with expertise and relevance for the “new normal”.

The Feet, Fascia and Food for Thought Summit is the first of the one-day events, with 6 educators from UK, USA, Australia and NZ.

As the event name implies, the focus of this summit is on Fascia, particularly with relation to Feet and Movement. World reknown Dr Emily Splichal, John Polley, Paul Edmonson and Cordon Cunningham will share their expertise on these subjects. Learn more about Naboso™, the innovative proprioceptive textured surface developed by Dr Emily Splichal, and be introduced to the Functional Foot tool – PlantarBeam™, developed by Gordon Cunningham of Activ Scotland.

We also welcome Emma Goldstraw, an emerging speaking talent, to share with us her  insights into Disordered Eating. The day will wrap up with a “Healing in Motion” session with Corinne Austin – perhaps the most apt of all the sessions at this moment in time, where she will share some of the tools in her toolkit for helping your clients use movement and breathing to reduce stress and anxiety and heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

More information and registration link here.