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Movement Performance Therapy Certification 

24 October 2020

Learn skills to assess, treat and apply movement and balance drills in your daily practice with clients of all age ranges, covering common foot problems.

Get introduced to the application of IASTM techniques for release and aid in getting your clients back into movement as soon as possible. 


Individual module recordings will be available for purchase after the event









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Inaugural Feet, Fascia and Food for Thought Summit

As gyms and fitness centres around the world are in various stages of shutdown due to Covid-19, there are many uncertainties as to what the future holds. A glimmer of hope from the anecdotal trend from New Zealand gyms, which are now “fully operational”,...

Foot Numbness and How Enhanced Sensory Stimulation Can Prevent It

A lack of sensation in your foot could signal that something is affecting your nerves. Usually, the culprit of foot numbness is nerve compression from poor posture or tight shoes. Getting rid of the cause should make your foot numbness go away. But in other cases, the...

Dealing with Painful Feet During Pregnancy

Foot pain is one of those frustrating health conditions that can be difficult to combat. Between plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, fallen arches (and more), there’s a never-ending stream of causes of foot pain. Many pregnant women experience foot pain. Contrary to common...