19 March 2021

Join us virtually for a day of Core-centric learning and moving – world class presenters, movement, and connection.  


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If you’re a personal trainer, sports or movement coach, exercise physiologist, fitness, yoga or pilates instructor, or are simply passionate about integrating movement into your own and others’ daily lives, then this summit is for you.

Through a day of Zoom classes, we have a line-up that includes movement, listening, knowledge bombs, and exploring new things – with some familiar faces and some new friends too.

The whole day will be recorded on Zoom and made available to attendees for forever access – so for those of you unable to attend on the day, pre-purchase of tickets will still give you access to the content in your own time. 

For anyone not pre-registering, recordings of individual sessions will be available for purchase on the EAT Fitness Course menu.

Be sure to check the accessory requirements for each session so you can organise your movement space before each class, and improvise where you need to.

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9am - PAUL EDMONSON - Assessment for the Functional Core

What do, and how do we take into account when assessing core function?

What does a functional core consist of and how should we  observe it from a movement perspective to ensure it possesses the ‘Pre requisites’ to live life to the fullest and withstand the rigours of all aspects of sport/gym requirements.

10 am - PAUL EDMONSON - The Core, and More

Now that we can assess what it needs to do, how do we restore lost motion (if it’s lacking) and how do we build a bullet proof core in three steps?

The answer 3D mobility, 3D stability and 3D strength!

11 am - JOHN POLLEY - Core training for the real world

Just as is happening in this summit, in order to understand something properly, we need to look at it in isolation, then put it back with the rest of our knowledge, integrate it and let it take it’s place as part of the whole. However, with physical training, we often stop at training something in isolation, and consider it as a job well done. Moreover, we can be guilty of ‘exercising’ the tissues at the centre of the body, rather than conditioning them in ways that have real world application.

Join 2019 Exercise NZ Educator of the Year, JP, as he pulls things together in a simple, fun and enlightening session, where he will explain, and show, how we can condition the core as an integrated part of our global anatomy, in ways that we use this area of our bodies every day, in life and sport.

As with all of JP’s education, he’ll also show how we can create amazing connection – of the body, mind and emotions, and between human beings.

12 noon to 1 pm - ALICE STOLPE - The Importance of Value
Join Alice Stolpe, international fitness presenter and industry guide as she shares with you an unexpecting story to highlight your value and that of your clientele. This is not a seminar about monetary value of business. Rather, Alice will share her very personal account which led her to a deeper understanding of the value of self and how it relates to positive cultural and global change. This powerful session will be sure to resonate with your own story to enable you to connect on a deeper level with those around you. If you are a change maker, this session is for you! 
1:30 CLARE HOZACK - Return to Running
How to safely, logically, and systematically return women to running, after having a baby.

Most women follow the advice to take it easy in the post natal period. However, at their 6-week check they are often not physically assessed beyond their capability of feeding and caring for the baby.

At this check, the new mum is also usually “cleared” for exercise, and the most common thing to do is start jogging with the pram.

This presentation aims to give you a clear and logical pathway to help your mama clients return to running in a safe and progressed way; because of you, they may never experience core dysfunctions, or will have them picked up a lot earlier if they’re already present.

2:30 - MARIETTA MEHANNI - What is a fun, challenging and effective workout using natural, flowing movements ? mSwing

Moving load has changed from using traditional isolated joint actions, to understanding how to transfer load over a number of joints and muscles for an effective full body workout. In this session, Marietta will demonstrate how this can be incorporated safely and effectively into a group training session where participants will feel the flow and fluidity of natural movement patterns, whilst raising their heart rate and sense of wellbeing.

3:30 pm - JOHN POLLEY - Your Core as your Emotional Centre

This is a hot topic in our industry on many fronts:

• The effect of movement on emotions and emotions on movement

• How emotion shows up in our bodies

• The long term effects of stress and our physical bodies

JP has been working in this area for a decade, as a trainer, movement consultant, mentor and guide, and has seen all the angles of this. The fascinating thing is that a section of our anatomy, which JP calls the ‘line at our centre’, in other words our deep core, is where a huge number of the mental and emotional challenges play out in our physical bodies.

In this absorbing session, JP will speak about the inner workings of this that we both know, and that has been revealed through his vast experience of working with people. You will never consider what we call ‘the core’, in the same way again. And you may experience some serious ‘a-ha’ moments for yourselves too! Not to be missed.

4:30 - MOVEMENT - CORINNE AUSTIN - Restore from your Core

To date, core training in our industry has centred on the musculoskeletal system.  But as we evolve, and we lean into and accept the idea that the best health and wellbeing practices must include things beyond fitness and exercise, we can begin to appreciate new levels at which we can help our clients achieve their health and fitness dreams, and live their best life.

 Join Corinne Austin, the 2017 Exercise NZ Personal Trainer of the year, and a leader in the Functional Health space, as she introduces you to a whole new world of ‘core training’.  When we expose our awareness to the truest and most expansive view of the ‘core’, we can begin to understand that it extends well beyond just the muscles housed within the core, but also to the many things at the essence of our greatest representation of our wellbeing.

 What significance does our bellybutton have to our health?  Why is it so important to breathe properly?  And what is ‘proper’ breathing?  What is the Vagus Nerve and how does this relate to our wellbeing and our clients goal chasing?  Why is it important for your client to feel safe (and not stressed) before you train?  Did you know that certain abdominal/visceral mobilisation techniques could be one of the golden tickets to your clients ongoing health?  We explore these cutting-edge concepts and a whole lot more as we delve deeper into the core than ever before!


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Marietta Mehanni

Alice Stolpe

Corinne Austin

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