Same, Same but Different (NZREPS 0.5 CPDs)

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  • Last Update 23/10/2020


Whether you know it or not, you’re a myofascial trainer, or therapist. You can’t move a body, or manipulate a body, even in meditation, without interacting with the myofascial system. Humans ARE a myofascial system. Therefore, it’s very useful to understand the workings of this system to get the best results from it.

Join JP as he takes you through the differences of training traditionally, training functionally and training myofascially, so you can appreciate what each style brings to the system and how to use these training styles to target best results for each client’s goals. JP is a master at using your body to demonstrate his words. You will FEEL the difference during this session, not just hear about it.

You’ll take away cutting edge information and techniques, alongside a new direction to follow for those who wish to explore further. If you work with human beings, this session is for you!

What Will I Learn?

  • Training functionally vs training myofascially
  • How to use these training styles to target best results for each client’s goals

Topics for this course

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Same, Same but Different

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Same, Same but Different QUIZ

Material Includes

  • Student notes
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • EAT Fitness High Fives Rewards (1 High Five)
  • NZ REPS CPDs (0.5)

Target Audience

  • Personal trainers
  • Movement coaches
  • Fitness Instructors