The Core and More (NZ REPS 0.5 CPDs)

Once we have assessed the core function and requirements, how do we restore lost motion (if it’s lacking) and how do we build a bullet proof core in three steps?

The answer 3D mobility, 3D stability and 3D strength!

Join Paul Edmonson, Gray Institute global educator, in this one hour session talking and demonstrating 3D functional movement for optimising core function.



Assessment for the Functional Core (NZ REPS 0.5 CPDs)

What do, and how do we take into account when assessing core function?

What does a functional core consist of and how should we  observe it from a movement perspective to ensure it possesses the ‘pre requisites’ to live life to the fullest and withstand the rigours of all aspects of sport/gym requirements?

Join Paul Edmonson in this one hour session where you learn a Gray’s Institute approach to functional movement assessment.



Loaded Movement Training (NZREPS 0.5 CPDs)

  • Define Loaded Movement training (LMT) and its relevance to overall conditioning.
  • Map LMT with other forms of exercise and programming. (inclusive vs exclusive)
  • What are the unique characteristics with LMT that differ from traditional ‘load’ training
  • Provide a scientific rationale to LMT
  • Showcase a myriad of drills for Loaded Movement Training